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How Zimbabwe seeks to harness migration for its economic growth

Clayton Masekesa

MUTARE – Zimbabwe must design a vigorous National Migration Policy that addresses migration challenges and harnesses the developmental opportunities offered by migration.

Officially opening a three-day NMP draft workshop supported by the International Organisation for Migration, which kicked-off in Mutare Tuesday, Minister of Home Affairs Cain Matema said the NMP would usher in a coordinated and coherent migration management system in Zimbabwe.

“Government and its partners must share expertise, experience and knowledge in the contemporary management of migration with a view of harnessing its developmental potential, whilst we seek ways of mitigating the negative impact of migration,” said Mr Matema, who added the national migration policy drafting workshop should unpack the principles and guidelines contained in the African Union Migration Policy Framework and Plan of Action that address the challenges of person movement.

Matema said such challenges like irregular migration, border governance, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, data collection and internal displacement due to natural disasters needed be addressed in the new policy.

“The policy will therefore be the overarching document which will address all issues pertaining to migrants, be they Zimbabweans or nationals from other countries,” he explained.

The policy would be mainstreamed to the Transitional Stabilisation Program, which acknowledges the fundamental role played by the diaspora in investments and formal remittance transfers, which are set to augment the country’s foreign currency reserves.

Guided by the Africa Union Migration Policy Framework for Africa (2018-2030), the NMP would be an overarching migration management framework for monitoring and regulating internal and international migration as well as proper data collection and dissemination on migration trends, said the minister.

The policy would also address issues relating to diaspora cooperation, border governance, dignified treatment of migrants, internally displaced persons (IDPs), asylum seekers and the role of civil society in migration management.

The formulation of the NMP is in conjunction with the Government of Zimbabwe, within the framework of the Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe and the Comprehensive Border Assessment and Immigration Policy for Enhancing Capacity on Integrated Border Management in Zimbabwe projects, with funding resources from the European Union and the IOM Development Fund, respectively.

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