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Go hang Malema, says Zanu (PF) youth leader

Staff Reporter

HARARE – Youths of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party came out guns blazing against Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema this week, bluntly telling the EFF Commander-in-Chief to “go hang” for his attack on Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa over land compensation.

Malema launched a tirade against Mnangagwa recently, after the ZANU PF leader indicated his administration would pay compensation to white farmers who lost their land during the country’s land reform programme at the turn of the millenium.

Zanu PF youth league Secretary Pupurai Togarepi this week told Malema to shut up and go back to the African National Congress for reorientation. Malema is a former ANC Youth League president who was fired from South Africa’s ruling party for misconduct in February 2012.

Togarepi was addressing the Zanu PF top brass which included Mnangagwa, his deputies and some 300 party youths who attended their first national meeting in Harare.

“We saw a half-backed revolutionary called Julius Malema, he was speaking of land reform raising issues on why we were paying white farmers,” said Togarepi.

“That is an administrative issue and this is Zimbabwe, Malema must know that the land question is behind us we do not need anyone from anywhere to tell us about land. The young boy with his mentality has to go back to school, he is more advised to go back to ANC…he should go hang and I tell him to shut up.”

Malema had described Mnangagwa’s decision as a sellout position which would go against the needs of Zimbabweans.

“The way he is going about it, he is not going to finish his term. That country is swimming in a pool of poverty; they cannot afford basic things like primary health, proper education and infrastructure,” said Malema.

“He gets money and goes to give it to people who are not deserving. He is reversing the gains of the revolution struggle. It is unsustainable.”

Mnangagwa took to the podium to explain his position, citing the constitution and declaring he was not compensating white farmers for the land they lost, but developments on the land.

His party has also responded to the attack, falling short of calling Malema ignorant. South Africa recently agreed to expropriate land without compensation.

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