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Zimbabwe: Youth organisations perturbed by crackdowns on CSOs and journalists

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – The National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO) in Zimbabwe says is perturbed by government’s continued crackdown on civil society organisations (CSOs) and has implored the government to enact laws that guarantee freedom of association.

While acknowledging government’s commitment to align laws with the constitution Nayo programmes manager Mcdonald Munyoro said they are troubled by recent events.

“We are perturbed by the continued crackdown on CSOs, Non-Governmental Organisations, journalists, activists and human rights defenders, most of whom are youth. The crackdown has seen unlawful suspension of NGOs as in the case of COTRAD in Masvingo” said Munyoro

The youth organisations called for the enactment of laws that guarantee the exercise of freedoms of association.

“We therefore, implore the government without any further delay to enact the necessary legislative measures that guarantee the exercise of freedoms of association, expression and assembly by expediting the repeal of both AIPPA and POSA in line with cabinet’s recent decision.

“Government through Parliament should repeal the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act and replace this with a more pro-development and inclusive legislative framework for youth in the country as specified in section 20 of the constitution.” Munyoro said

The calls come in the wake of recent attacks of an online media house in Harare by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and municipal police.

Government is also on the record banning CSOs and NGOs labelling them regime change agents.

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