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New WhatsApp data bundle prices in South Africa

WhatsApp is the preferred mobile communication medium for many South Africans, and it has replaced SMS as the messaging service of choice because of its improved functionality and cost savings.

For many poor South Africans who cannot afford large data bundles, more affordable WhatsApp bundles are very popular.

The price for these WhatsApp data bundles has, however, increased significantly over the past few years.

Even Cell C, which pioneered free WhatsApp data bundles in 2014, was forced to start charging for the service and increased its price steadily in recent years.

WhatsApp data bundle changes

Over the last six months, there were many changes to the WhatsApp data bundle sizes and prices from Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C.

The table below shows how the WhatsApp data bundles have changed recently.

WhatsApp Bundles
Old/NewNetworkWhatsApp DataValidityPrice
Daily Bundles
OldVodacom30MB1 DayR2
NewVodacom50MB1 DayR3
OldMTN50MB1 DayR2
NewMTN50MB1 DayR2
OldVodacom200MB1 DayR4
NewVodacom250MB1 DayR5
Weekly Bundles
OldVodacom200MB7 DaysR10
NewVodacom250MB7 DaysR12
OldMTN250MB7 DaysR10
NewMTN250MB7 DaysR10
Monthly Bundles
OldCell C1.2GB30 DaysR17
NewCell C1GB30 DaysR20
OldVodacom1GB30 DaysR29
NewVodacom1GB30 DaysR35
OldMTN1GB30 DaysR30
NewMTN1GB20 DaysR30


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