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Zim finance minister pleads for more patience

Lisa Duduzile

BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, this week urged his country’s citizens to be patient with the pace of the country’s economic reforms, arguing government efforts would not work overnight.

“I urge citizens to be patient as economic reforms do not work instantly. We are going through an adjustment, it will pass,” said Prof Ncube during a press briefing Wednesday.

“As I have said, by this time next year inflation will be down and what we have done so far is to be true to the reform agenda that we will institute.”

He said it was only a matter of time before the southern African country’s economy turned around and everything went back to normal.

The country has been left in a desperate state due to the deteriorating economy and of late, the ruling ZANU (PF) party has turned back to its old habit of blaming the Western-imposed sanctions for the political decal decay in the country.

There has been a notable widening gap between prices of food and stagnant wages, which has led to more urbanites living on a hand-to-mouth situation.

Matters of concern raised during the meeting included wages not competing with the ever-escalating prices of especially basic commodities, among other pressing challenges.

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