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Which ones are the most in-demand job skills in South Africa right now?

CareerJunction has released its latest jobs update, showing which jobs are most in-demand in South Africa.

The CJI represents online labour dynamics in South Africa by providing a detailed analysis of the relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market.

The report is based on comprehensive data gathered from the company’s website.

The April index dipped below the 100-mark at 96 index points, indicating increased competition for jobs among job seekers, the group said.

Jobs fell by 9% while job search activity slowed by 4%.

“Due to the high number of public holidays in April, many sectors have seen a notable decrease in job availability. This trend is particularly evident in the business & management sector, where job volumes are 29% down year-on-year,” it said.

Trending jobs for April include account management, sales consulting and data analysis.

Account Management

Average salary offerings for intermediate level position:

  • GP: R 23,333 to R 33,756 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R 21,600 to R 24,667 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: R 21,200 to R 27,500 p.m. (CTC)

Representative / Sales Consulting

Average salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

  • GP: R 22,333 to R 33,756 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R 13,717 to R 18,571 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: R 13,744 to R 19,430 p.m. (CTC)

Data Analysis / Warehousing

Average salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

  • GP: R 36,648 to R 49,096 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R 33,108 to R 43,699 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: Not available

According to CareerJunction, the most in-demand job skills reflect similar trends seen in previous months, with software developers, managers and sales consultants being in high demand across most job sectors.

Software development remains at the top of recruiters’ most wanted list. Over 23% of vacancies on CareerJunction are IT-related with the majority of these allocated to software developers.

Middle/department managers remain highly sought-after, particularly finance managers, who take up their share of about 35% of associated jobs.

Sales representatives/consultants are high in demand within the South African job market. However, hiring activity has slowed down in the last 3 months, resulting in a decrease in jobs of 17% year-on-year.

Job supply and demand

Following a sharp downturn in jobs towards the end of 2018, skills-demand in the sales, marketing and medical sectors have recovered. This trend is particularly notable in the sales sector while the road to recovery is slower in the marketing and medical sectors, CareerJunction said.

Jobs in the admin, office & support, business & management and construction sectors remain considerably lower than the same period last year.

April saw a notable decrease in jobs due to the high number of public holidays, particularly in the business & management sector where job volumes are 29% lower year-on-year.

Meanwhile, the engineering, manufacturing, finance and ICT sectors saw an expected dip in job volumes recently due to the school and public holidays. My Broadband

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