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It has been a fruitful three months for us…let us continue to look ahead as we take our right shape

Mxolisi Ncube, AfricanVoice Global Editor

It has been about three months since we launched AfricanVoice Global and we look back with pride, especially upon realising that our week-on-week readership figures have continued to show phenomenal growth.

Any publication – new or old, would get added inspiration from realising that, not only has it continued to gain more readers, but it has also managed to retain those that have taken the gamble to visit its pages. It is one thing to get people to explore a new website, and entirely another to see that many of those who have been there want to remain part of the news portal. It brings about new-found inspiration to keep on doing well in order to survive in a market now over-subscribed with millions of websites, many of them providing content that is almost similar.

Admittedly, we have come short in a number of topics, especially sports, business, showbiz, opinion and analysis, areas where we have largely relied on content adopted from other established newspapers. Going forward, we promise to continue to improve where we have been found wanting as we strive to be the authoritative voice of African migrants globally.

Our quest is to be the real eyes and ears of the African Diaspora – a reference point for anyone interested in getting the unabridged truth about what happens in the world of the millions of Africans currently strewn around the world, having been hounded out of their home countries by different forms of crises.

We admit it as a limitation that our content has largely had a Zimbabwean leaning, but that has largely been because – due to proximity and a ready market near South Africa, we established our first correspondence bases in Zimbabwe. In that regard, we also do take pride in the fact that most of the Zimbabwean stories we have published during the last few weeks have been exclusive stories, although we still need to cover more community stories.

We will also keep our promise of extending our coverage to different migrant communities and countries – one after another, as we continue our quest to cover every African migrant-producing and migrant-hosting country in the world. It is not an easy task, but it is also not an impossible one.

We have already received CVs from experienced journalists from around our target areas, which we are currently reviewing and from which we will be hiring correspondents once all logistics have been put in place within the next weeks.

With Zimbabwe now fully established, next in line is South Africa, one of the African countries that grapple with millions of migrants from both fellow African countries and abroad. Within the next few weeks, our content will include more stories from various migrant communities living, working and doing business in this Mecca of Africa, as we bring their activities to the fore.

That obviously gives a new dimension of stories. While continuing to cover news from Zimbabwe and other migrant-producing countries for the benefits of those countries’ diaspora, our coverage of various migrant communities in South Africa is a giant step towards shaping AfricanVoice Global as the voice of migrants, an ideal that was establish for.

We believe that Africa is not well-represented in the news if the challenges, lives, activities, business, politics, rights, views and triumphs of the continent’s millions of citizens strewn around the diaspora continue being suppressed.

Maximum coverage of the lives of migrants in South Africa will give a clear reflection of what brought AfricanVoice Global to the fore and serve the true market it was established to serve. It is therefore, against that background that ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to continue to be part of this journey, as we build this newspaper into being the voice of the African migrants.

We also hereby invite migrants, migrant community leaders, migrant businesspersons and South Africans working with migrants for social cohesion to alert us to the good work they are doing for an empowered and responsible migrant community.



Mobile: +27 73 962 3075

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