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Zimbabweans, The Power is in your hands

Barbara Nyagomo

ZIMBABWEANS it’s getting harder for me daily to honour my political break and restrain myself from kicking Sh*t……’s happening daily in our country.

Surely the Minister of Energy can put on his thinking cap and look at Renewable Energy? Solar Energy which is readily available 365 days per year.

*Briquettes Energy using Biomass…….even Maize stalks (mashanga echibage) etc. And this in turn will create jobs in the Renewable Energy Sector.

Fuel prices go up and down like a Yo-yo……and this affects all commodities prices. People’s monies just disappear in the banks…..and miraculously turn from USD to forking RTGs! My people, I also blame you for the mess we are in.

During elections seasons some of you roam around like demons supporting political parties and political candidates whom you know that they are never going to change your lives or develop your communities.

Mongoti rega Nhingi ambopindawo,regai ndivhotere party yangu. To some of you political parties are now like Cult organisations.

You support Stomach Infrastructure Politics….you get a 2kgs packet of rice and vote as expected. Democracy is very expensive I met good Community Leaders in Zimbabwe who are using their ingenuity and little resources to serve people.

Nobody votes for them because they don’t have degrees or looted monies to dish out to people. Some would like to contest as MPs or Councillors but don’t have resources or funds to run election campaigns.

I am glad I left my comfort in UK 2017-2018 to work on the ground in Zimbabwe. The true meaning of politics is distorted in Zimbabwe.

Let me remind you again Zimbabweans……you have the power to make a difference. Zimbabwe problems must be solved by Zimbabweans.

The Power is in your hands…. Politicians must serve you, they are your servants.






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