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Zimbabwe Communist Party tells Mnangagwa to disband National Dialogue

Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – The Zimbabwe Communist Party has advised Mnangagwa to disband his “so called” National Dialogue and seek genuine National Economic Dialogue that would bring government, labour, business and political parties together to address the country’s economic collapse.

ZPC spokesperson Bongani Mkhwananzi told Africanvoice Global from his Johannesburg base that President Mnangagwa so called dialogue was a farce.

“We warn President ED administration to allow the unions in the public sector to take to the streets as they have planned without sending the military to harass and intimidate union leaders. He should disband his so-called National Dialogue and seek genuine National Economic Dialogue that will bring labour, business, political parties to address economic collapse,” said Mr Mkhwananzi

The party also described as “barbaric” the recent attack on Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna after he called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to step down for his failure to turn around the economic fortunes of the country.

“He should stop sending youths to attack those who hold different political views from them,” said Mkwananzi.

Ndiweni recently declared that he did not recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration, adding that he supported sanctions against government officials who did not respect human rights and rule of law.

However there was drama in Bulawayo Central Business District when a group of suspected Zanu PF youths allegedly pounced on the outspoken Ntabazinduna Chief Ndiweni and attempted to seize his car.

“A former liberation movement that has not lost its revolutionary compass will never intimidate citizens who criticize its policies but it takes such criticism to reflect its performance,” added Mkhwananzi.

“It is a common cause that Mnangagwa government has failed the people of Zimbabwe. Firstly it declared the working class who took to the street over fuel price increase as enemies of the state by sending military to open fire, killing people in the process and injuring a score of others.”

He added that Mr Mnangagwa should not send “thugs” to attack a chief who witnessed the suffering of his subjects daily.

“The latest growing standoff between the chief and government was his stand on land issue in Ntabazinduna which is a sacred national site,” said the ZCP spokesperson.

“While we may not agree with the Chief on sanctions, we believe he and his people are entitled to freedom of expression. We believe he is entitled to protection. Tolerance of differences and amicable solution of differences should differentiate post-colonial governments.

“We do not condone any sanctions on any nation by individual nations and particularly from America. While common narratives say sanctions are against individuals, a close look at ZIDERA points sanctions being overall Zimbabwean state. While saying this, we are not naïve to the mismanagement and corruption by Zanu PF government.”

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