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BREAKING: Zimbabwe’s ex-police officers “involved in acts of insurgency”, panicky ZRP puts them under the spotlight

News Reporter

ZRP has also immediately banned resignations and cancelled all leave and time off.

HARARE – The Zimbabwe Republic Police has been thrown into a state of severe panic, amid growing suspicion that some of its former members are the key architects behind acts of civil disobedience.

As a result, police commanders have immediately banned resignations, cancelled all leave and called back all those officers whose leave requests had been approved.

“We have discovered that some former members are being employed by the opposition MDC Alliance to cause anarchy in the country during public demonstrations, just to invite minimum force from armed forces and sell a notion that there is no rule of law in the country,” said a senior police officer.

“We also suspect that some of those retired police officers are enticing serving members, especially the young ones, to resign and join them in their acts of violence meant to render this country ungovernable.”

Copies of two separate internal communication memoranda made available to Africanvoice Global – both dated May 31, spell both panic and vigilance by police commanders, who seemingly believe that Zimbabwe could be on the verge of incessant attacks by its former law-enforcement agents.

The first memorandum, said to be written by Learn Ncube, the Commissioner responsible for Operations and directed to provincial, district and station commanders, goes sharp in accusing the former police officers and orders police commanders to put them under tight monitoring.

ZRP memorandum accuses former officers of engineering civil disobedience.

“Addresses are being advised to profile and strictly monitor all retired and discharged members or officers within their areas of jurisdiction stop,” reads the memorandum, whose reference is RDO DN1875/19 and classified as “immediate”.

“This office is greatly concerned with the involvement of the retired or discharged members in organising and coordinating civil unrest and demonstrations across the country stop. Returns of retired or discharged members involved in this (sic) anarchy activities should be sent to this headquarters stop.”

The signal goes on to run the rule on new resignations.

“In this regard all retirement requests by members who have not reached pensionable age have been suspended with immediate effect until further notice stop. This following an increase in retirement requests by members being sent to this headquarters stop,” reads the signal.

“Addressees should always carry out monthly lectures to members encouraging them to remain loyal and dedicated to the great cause of our great nation in this (sic) trying times stop stop.”

Another memorandum – also from Commissioner Ncube’s office and addressed to all stations, cancels leave and orders all police members on leave to report back for duty.

The signal – RDO IMT 164/19   DD 31/05/19 also classified as “immediate”, cancels all forms of leave and time-offs.

“Addresses are being advised that with immediate effect, all forms of leave and time off have been cancelled/suspended until further notice stop,” reads the signal.

“All officers and members should be advised to report back to their respective work stations by 01/06/19 without fail stop stop.”

The ZRP commanders seemingly believe that with the MDC Alliance having now concluded its congress, which gave Nelson Chamisa a substantive mandate to lead the party for the next five years, more demonstrations and violence are about to hit Zimbabwe, especially with the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa seemingly failing to rescue the country from its economic lethargies.

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