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Let us stand up and fight for what is ours, says Ndebele King

Christopher Ncube

JOHANNESBURG – Matabeleland King Collins Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo has urged his subjects to stand up and fight for their space in Zimbabwe’s economic sphere.

“When I joined the military wing (SA Defence Forces) I thought that I had thrown myself into the deep end, but little did I know that I was going to be given the mandate to take over the throne of my forefathers and lead Mthwakazi to defend and take back our land from the invaders. This is the most demanding task, but one that I am ready for,” said the Ndebele king during an address in Johannesburg recently.

“It has dawned on me that some of my forefathers where younger than me when they took up duties of this nature. I call upon our people to be united and work together to achieve our goal of taking what belongs to us – our land that our forefathers fought for without fear.”

The King, born in the Eastern Cape, reminded fellow South Africans that there was a cultural bond between Ndebeles and South Africa, which should see those from the two countries treat each other as brothers and sisters.

“We have Ndlovus in South Africa in as much as we have Ndlovus in Mthwakazi, so what is the difference? There are cultural ties between us hence I do not understand these xenophobic attacks. I look forward to seeing South Africans assisting us – Mthwakazi people, to reclaim our land on the other side of the river,” said Khumalo who emphasized the need for humanity, respect and focus.

He urged the Ndebele people not to sacrifice their focus on the altar of the comfort some found themselves enjoying in South Africa, adding they should fight to inherit their land and pass it over to their future generations.

“The time is now, not tomorrow. Let’s regroup and take what belongs to us. South Africa is our second home that we should visit any time when we want to be with our relatives and friends, but let us not find too much comfort here,” said the king.

“We need to go home and take our land and enjoy the fruits of our fathers that they fought for including the late Dabengwa we have gathered here in his name. Remember we are not yet fully free as Mthwakazi people, no-one will do that for us except ourselves.”

He called on the people of Matabeleland to work around their political differences in a constructive and mature manner.

“We would have failed our leaders such as DD if we fight amongst ourselves. If we have different ideologies lets come together and try to work out how best we can combine those different ideologies to come out with the best strategy that can assist us to achieve our goals as a state. We are all equal no-one is important than others.”

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