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Double-tragedy as ADF loses its deputy-chairperson and hubby within hours of each other

Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – A double tragedy hit the African Diaspora Forum last week, when the Johannesburg-headquartered migrants’ rights organisation lost its Deputy Chairperson, Dr Janet Rogers and her husband within barely less than 24 hours.

According to ADF insiders, the Kenyan-born Dr Rogers, a motivational speaker and counselor on marriage and family matters, died Friday, barely 24 hours after she lost her husband, who died en route to attend their daughter’s marriage in the United States of America last week.

“Dr Janet was fine but she bade the husband farewell as he went to attend their daughter’s wedding, which was scheduled for Saturday in the US,” said an ADF official.

“The husband was a bit unwell but not that there was anything serious. He then passed on before the plane landed in Washington. He had been seen by a doctor after feeling a bit unwell and had recovered and seemed very well then he asked to lie down a little. As they were preparing to land, they went to wake him up so that he is seated for landing only to discover he had passed on.”

“Dr Janet was very shaken by the news of the husband’s passing and was preoccupied with the arrangements to bring his remains back to South Africa. She had been under serious strain and they took her to the doctor on Friday morning, just to ensure that she did not have a heartache.

“Maybe she was thinking too much about repatriating the remains and the family had not managed to also tell her the burial was to take place in the US, because she was so shaken and they feared the worst could happen. They wanted to prepare her for all that but still a little too late, she is gone. Lives well lived and left suddenly both of them.  God bless them.”

The ADF’s executive chairperson, Dr Vusumuzi Sibanda, summed up the sadness that double tragedy had brought to the organisation.

“It is sad, and indeed very sad, but we know that they have gone to a better place, the commitment of Dr Janet to her family is such that she could not deal with the passing of her husband and eventual ended up passing on,” said Dr Sibanda.

“May both their souls rest in eternal peace  for the two indeed were no longer twain but one, they were one in life and have been one in death, may God bless their souls May God comfort their children who have lost their parents just at one go and the son was very hopeful about his mom this noon when we left him at the house and now this!”

Dr Rogers’s burial has been scheduled for Saturday, while evening prayers take place between 6pm and 8pm at their house in Bezz Valley daily.

“She was a committed General in this fight, may her soul rest in peace and may we support their children and family as the parents have departed leaving them parentless,” said Dr Sibanda.

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