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South Africa: Tom Moyane ‘might’ have been an apartheid spy, says Snuki Zikalala

Social media does not seem to believe the former SABC news head’s claims.

ANC Veterans League (ANCVL) president and former head of news at SABC Snuki Zikalala told Aldrin Sampear on Power FM on Wednesday that former Sars boss Tom Moyane was a possible apartheid spy.

According to Zikalala, Moyane “might” have been used “by apartheid operatives to derail the democratic project”, as Sampear reported on Twitter.

Feedback on Twitter to Zikalala’s accusations were mostly negative.

“Nothing is [as] tiring as ANC internal squabbles,” one user said.

Another user accused Zikalala of spreading “damaging lies” about Moyane, in a tweet in which the former Sars boss was tagged.

“Just because Moyane has fallen out with [Moyane’s] faction now he’s been attacked,” suggested another.

“I don’t buy Snuki Zikalala’s dossier. They are simply hoping to deflect from their incompetence right now,” said yet another.

“What kind of ANC veterans are these who are so factional and divisive? You’d expect veterans who are moderate and uniting. But no, we have this kind of veterans who are hogging media platforms for attention,” was another Twitter response.

Other users brought up Zikalala’s record at the SABC, with users suggesting he “killed” the national broadcaster, “used the SABC as his personal fiefdom” and “started the problems” there.

Zikalala was accused of censorship while high up at the SABC, for decisions including him blacklisting some political commentators from being interviewed by the broadcaster.

Aldrin Sampear@AldrinSampear


ANC Veterans League President Snuki Zikalala says former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane “might” have been used by apartheid operatives to derail the democratic project …

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