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Zimbabwe FA President dragged to court over US$5000 debt

HARARE – Zimbabwe Football Association President Felton Kamambo has been dragged to the court, following his failure to settle a US$5000 debt with his former campaign manager in last year’s elections that brought him to the helm of the national association.

Kamambo ousted Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa in the elections last December, with Robert Matoka, his manager then before the fall out, running the campaign.

But Matoka, a former executive member of ex-Premier Soccer League side Buymore (formerly owned by ex-PSMAS boss Cuthbert Dube), has dragged Kamambo to court for failing to settle his dues despite a commitment to do so.

Court papers show that Kamambo acknowledged the debt promising to pay an initial USD2 500 by May this year after initial requests by Matoka.

But nothing has been paid forcing Matoka, through his lawyers, Ngarava Moyo & Chikono to take legal action to recover his dues.

Kamambo is yet to file papers in response.

Besides being dragged to court in his personal capacity, Kamambo’s ZIFA is facing further legal action from travel agent Led Travel andTours on allegations of misrepresenting facts to the court,resulting in a default judgement being passed.

The two have been embroiled in a legal fight after the association
failed to settle a US$39 000 debt, money borrowed by Zifa to finance
the national teams’ trip to South Africa and Mauritius.

Zifa, alleges Led, went to court without their knowledge after the
company had issued summons and misrepresented facts before the case
was struck off the rolln and now want the case revived.

The tour company, owned by former Zifa board member Bernard Gwarada
said, besides the debt, Kamambo privately negotiated for new air
tickets for US$18 000 and gave up his Bulawayo property as surety.

“The application relates to a default judgement granted by the High
Court on September 25, this year under case number HC7176/19,” reads
the court application.

“The fact of the matter is that on July 24, this year Led Travel and
Tours extended a loan of US$39 670 to enable Zifa to buy air tickets.

“Zifa acknowledged the debt and undertook to pay by August 6 this
year. Despite due and proper demand from Led Travel and Tours lawyers,
Zifa failed, neglected and refused to repay the loan.”

The papers show that on the initial hearing of the matter on September
11 before Justice Mary Zimba-Dube, the matter was removed from the

This was after Zifa lawyers indicated that copies served to them did
not have attachments.

“Copies of the attachments were served to them the following day,” the
court heard.

Consequently, Zifa wrote to the plaintiff advising them that they had
paid US$19 000. US$10 000 was to be paid on September 30 this year and
the balance by October 31.”
Led Travel and Tours then produced proof of payment of US$18 550 and
US$21 149 towards servicing the US$39 697 debt.

“This left out the issue of costs of suit incurred by the applicant.
Unbeknown to the applicant, Zifa attended court on September 25 before
Justice (David) Magota in the absence of Led Travel and Tours lawyer’s
and the matter was dismissed,” read the application.

“While the main matter was pending, Mr Kamambo privately engaged with
Led Travel and Tours representatives for a new and separate ticket
arrangement of US$18 550.

“Mr Kamambo personally tendered a deed of transfer for his personal
property in order to secure the debt,” said the company.

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