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Big bow for Mthwakazians in South Africa…Hillbrow musical event brings curtain down on an eventful year

News Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwean expatriates from the Matabeleland region will hold their end-of-year musical show in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, this weekend.

The show, which is set to feature a number of popular Zimbabwean singers based in South Africa, will be graced by traditional leaders, community leaders, civil society movements, business people, motivational speakers and various exhibitors, according to the organisers. It is sponsored by Mthwakazi Chief in the Diaspora, Chief Thulani Mgoqo Jubane, who became the traditional shepherd of Mthwakazi people in the Diaspora earlier this year.

The show will be held at Berea Park, the traditional venue of most Zimbabwean open music shows in Johannesburg, on Sunday, December 1.

“This is our end of year show, which we expect will bring the curtain down of Mthwakazi entertainment in Johannesburg this year,” said Bayethe Music Productions Promotions Manager, Brandon Mcasiseli “Gwaza-gwaza” Ndlovu, the show organisor.

“Many of our people will be leaving South Africa for their December holidays in Zimbabwe, but we thought that we should do something big for them before they embark on that trip, because nobody knows how many of us will be able to be part of the shows next year. You cannot predict life.”

The show is set to showcase popular Zimbabwean talents that include disco singer and dance queen Vivian Nomakanjani, popular maskandi groups Amachwane Amahle and Amabhukudwana, nimble-footed rhumba outfits Mlambos Express Band, Godolude no Amzoe, Tsheba Boys and  Ndabitshekile.

Pitbull, Thawulo, Izimvu Zenkosi, Izintombi Zesbane, Thokozile, Phazamisa and Mr Valentine are also some of the artists in the line-up.

Chief Jubane said the show is meant to pay gratitude to Mthwakazi people for their never-say-die spirit, which saw them come unscathed out of the trials and tribulations that life in the Diaspora has now become for them due to the various challenges they faced.

“This is a show meant to first thank God for keeping us keeping on under the many challenges we came across during the year,” said the chief.

“We also want to pay gratitude to our people for the good behaviour they largely exuded, while also wishing them well as some of them prepare to travel home for the holidays, where we wish them well. We also want to wish them a happy, better and more prosperous 2020.”

With is magnitude, the show is expected to draw a large crowd, with many people wishing to be part of the big bow of the year.

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