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African Voice Global launches Youtube TV channel

By News Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – The Africanvoice Global has launched an online television news channel on Youtube.

The channel, under the same name, is expected to boost the brand’s coverage of African news, especially on migrants, migration, politics, culture, business and Pan-Africanism on the African continent.

The group’s Editor-in-Chief, Mxolisi Ncube, said Tuesday that the new channel would cover a wide range of topics, including those currently not covered by the newspaper, which was launched in February last year.

“The television channel comes a month before we celebrate the first anniversary of AVG’s online newspaper,” said Mr Ncube.

“Looking back, the question that comes to my mind is – have we really grown as a brand? I think the answer would be a mixed one. Yes, we grew in terms of gaining the experience, introducing ourselves to the market and the number of readers, but we met a number of challenges along the way, which left us bruised.

“We went into partnerships with people who did not share the dream and they drove us into making certain commitments, but they dumped us at just the time they had to fulfill their side of the bargain and resultantly, we now have to meet certain outstanding commitments to both our readers and corrrespondents on our own.”

Far from backing down, Ncube said the brand would meet all those commitments as it seeks to reposition itself as one of the most-trusted sources of news on the continent.

“Being short-changed itself is an experience that we will learn from and grow from. We will now be careful before we get into certain partnerships, if ever we will enter into any. We have also been erratic, while also coming short in covering certain topics, but all that will be addressed as we go forward,” added Ncube.

“Last year was our launch year, we were planting the seed and this year, we are growing and repositioning the brand. Interesting times lie ahead and that is why our readers and Youtube viewers need to subscribe to the channel – so that they are not left out of the online news revolution. We have a number of interesting topics lined-up.”

Subscribing to the channel costs nothing and is just a single click, like liking a Facebook page.

To subcribe to the African Voice Global Youtube Channel, please click the video below:

“All a viewer needs to do is look for the red “subscribe” word under any of our videos and click it, nothing more.”

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