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Zanu (PF) snares Zimbabweans in SA in apparent readiness for Diaspora Vote

Political Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu (PF) party has begun its diaspora outreach for recruitment drive, as the party gives a hint that the country’s 2023 election might allow the Diaspora Vote.

There is an estimated 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora, which is about a third of the country’s population, with the majority of them based in South Africa – the first point of contact in the party’s recruitment drive, which peaked in Berea, Johannesburg, at the weekend.

In what party officials said was part of their 2019 National People’s Conference challenge of hitting the fife million membership figure by 2023, the SA District leadership of the party that has governed Zimbabwe since 1980, took its drive to Berea, where about 30 people turned up to attend a meeting and join the Zanu (PF) structure in South Africa – called Zanu (PF) Mzansi. The result was the formation of a new branch called Josiah Tongogara.

The party leadership, including its SA spokesperson, Kennedy Mandaza, said the meeting was graced by Zimbabweans who included former soldiers, former policemen and ordinary people.

“The gathering had predominantly youthful Zimbabweans who wanted to join ZANU PF, some for the first time,” said Mandaza, confident that the SA structure would lead the diaspora drive for more membership.

“These new members were mostly from Matebeleland North, Matebeleland South, Bulawayo and Midlands. According to many of those who spoke during the meeting, they wanted to contribute to the development agenda of the country which they believed is possible only if they are in ZANU PF.

“They believe that through their contribution they can better the future of the youths of Zimbabwe which currently is threatened by numerous vices and challenges facing the country.”

The party also raised the issue of unity among Zimbabweans in the Diaspora in fighting crime in the communities they are leaving.

The Mzansi District leadership which comprised K. M. Mandaza (Information), P. Chitambo (Commissar), Mguni (Security), Goriwondo (Finance) and Gwarazimba (Administration) welcomed the the new members and encouraged them to unite and work within the Party structures of ZANU PF. They emphasised to them the need to learn and understand the party ideology and the responsibilities of ZANU PF members.

“The leadership explained to them the VISION and expectations of ZANU PF under the new dispensation, particularly in line with vision 2030. Members were encourage to support government efforts at home as well as take part in some of the initiatives meant to develop our country,” said Mandaza.

“The new members expressed their willingness to do their best to mobilise in Berea, Youville and Hillbrow to ensure that the majority of Zimbabweans are united in support of ZANU PF. To show their seriousness the majority of the members queued for membership cards at the end of the meeting.”

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