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POLAD, NPRC, Presidential Advisory Board, Matabeleland Civic Society and ZACC all doing same PR job for ZANU (PF)

By Mbonisi Gumbo

The meeting that took place between ZANU PF president Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – who is also the chief architect of the Matabeleland Gukurahundi Genocide and so-called Matabeleland Civic Society ( formerly Matabeleland Collective) as well as some questionable opposition parties last week at Bulawayo State House, is nothing but a ZANU PF public relations and sensitization program meant to hoodwink the public nationally and internationally, so that they believe that the coup government that calls itself “The new dispensation” is doing things differently and is genuine about engagements and re-engagements.

The truth of the matter is that these commissions and illegal bodies are nothing but a waste of the taxpayers’ money. We need to understand the background of the so-called new dispensation’s rise to power. This is a group of people mostly made up of those who started corruption, some of them way before independence and they were motivated by their own crimes to flee and join the armed struggle. Some of them were petty thieves, while others were involved in armed robberies and so on. When the then Rhodesian police sort to arrest them, they went to war. It was a do or die situation for some of them. Many of those that were genuine politicians and fighters remained true to the vision, agenda of the struggle, aims and objectives thereof, most of who died either poor or moderate, while others are still alive today and feeling the pinch of economic crisis like the majority of us. 

When those who were never genuine regrouped towards independence as well as in the first years of independence, they started finding each other, as we all know birds of the same feather flock together. This group has never been for the people or for the good of the nation. They don’t have the interest of the nation but themselves. Hence they planned the Gukurahundi genocide, created cartels and started engaging in all manner of corruption as early as the eighties up to this day. The list of their corrupt activities is publicly known, hence no need to list them all here, ranging from retaining power at all costs, including killing people through different ways and systems: tribal genocide included, Willowvale scandal, farm looting, election rigging as well as the coup, among others is their flagship product. 

So in 2017 when it was another do or die situation for them, considering that they were faced with the scenario similar to that in the sixties and seventies, to either surrender themselves to the law, lose poor, their ill gotten wealth and prestige, they had to fight back. They chose to fight back, predictably so and the result was a coup, followed by the 2018 disputed election, which  wasn’t free fair and credible, leaving them struggling to get legitimacy both locally and abroad, hence the formation and funding of the above-mentioned bodies. 

It must be understood that ZANU PF as the ruling party always has willing people to help it consciously or out of ignorance. In some cases they forcefully acquire individuals, opposition parties and civic society to help them whenever their stronghold on power is threatened. 

The so-called unity accord, unbudgeted war vets payouts, land reform programme, global political agreement, new constitution that is only being implemented in part, Ariben Menashe, Dr Thabo Mbeki, few international organizations in UK and America advocating for the removal of sanctions, the SADC anti sanctions march, bringing in of Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo, Professor Mthuli Ncube, etc.

To ZANU PF, rescue in different times and seasons is a well calculated move and strategy to stay in power. All the funny schemes created by government and sponsored using taxpayers’ money, like Command Agriculture, Basic Commodities Supply Side Intervention (BACOSSI), printing of bearers cheques, printing of money, Demaf, these and others were never meant to help the nation or anyone else outside themselves in their quest to stay in power and get more wealth. 

Back to the above-mentioned bodies, nothing will come out and they will die a natural death like many others that have been used and dumped. We know that these will expire at the next election.

Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF government are not sincere about dealing with Gukurahundi Genocide, they are not sincere about Devolution of power, they are not sincere about electoral or any other reforms, they are not sincere about democracy or respecting the will of the people, they are not sincere about Matabeleland development or the betterment of the people of Matabeleland. 

The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) will never do any conclusive program in its lifetime; it’s a fallacy. The march talked-about and so-called Anti-Corruption Commission will not successfully recover any loot and or get any high profile politically connected individual prosecuted.

The presidential advisory council is made up of opportunistic individuals positioning themselves for further looting, same as the Matabeleland Civic Society  grouping (formerly known as Matabeleland Collective), although the idea started well before it was hijacked. It is now nothing but a cashcow for some old and tired activists who are now singing for their super. 

Polad is a group of mostly failed unknown and insignificant people, unpopular individuals and briefcase political parties, in some cases hungry, angry, bitter individuals. These are individuals who make up what is called Political Actors Dialogue today. Some of them have never addressed even a single rally in their lifetime, let alone put a flier or a poster anywhere simply because they have nothing to say.

We have to forgive these ones, they are too weak to resist ZANU PF, let alone speak truth to power. If ZANU PF has the capacity to mobilise the so-called main opposition party, the MDC, its Leader, the Late (may his soul rest in peace) Dr Morgan Tsvangirai into their coup and post coup re-branding schemes, what can Brian Muteki or Lovemore Maduku do? “Kungopinda chete!”

Don’t expect anything tangible from ZANU PF and its allies today and forever. The only reasonable solution is to do away with ZANU PF. 

Mr Mbonisi Gumbo is former national spokesperson for Zimbabwe’s opposition Mthwakazi Republic Party.

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