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Morocco dispatches medical supplies to 15 African countries

By Busisani Ncube

Morocco dispatched medical supplies to 15 African countries to help them in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

At the instruction of Moroccan King Mohammed VI, the medical supplies are composed of eight million face masks, 900,000 visors, 600,000 hygiene caps, 60,000 medical coats, 30,000 litres of hydroalcoholic gel, the north African country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

It’s also composed of 75,000 packs of chloroquine and 15,000 packs of Azithromycin, two drugs used for the treatment of Covid-19.

The aid will benefit 15 African countries, including Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia.

“This aid aims at providing preventive medical equipment to accompany brotherly African countries in their efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” the ministry said.

All the products and protective equipment part of the medical aid sent are manufactured by Moroccan companies and comply with the standards of the World Health Organization.

The continent has had fewer deaths than more developed regions of the world (Europe 183,775). However, the healthcare systems in many African countries are woefully inadequate and could facilitate an outbreak. The virus has claimed 6,806 lives in Africa, with South Africa the leading in mortalities at 1,568 as of Tuesday midday.Morocco is helping African countries where the pandemic has been less virulent than in economically more developed regions of the world. 

Africa has so far recorded 254,913 infections, compared to Europe’s 2,233,947.

Morocco recently called for the establishment of an African expert platform to fight against epidemics, to enable the continent to depend on itself and fight against future health crises.

King Mohamed VI in mid-April proposed the launch of an initiative of African presidents to establish an operational framework to help African countries in their different stages of the management of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It is about a pragmatic initiative orientated towards action, enabling a sharing of experience and good practice to fight against the health, economic and social effect of the pandemic in the different African countries,” said the monarch.

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