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Zimbabwean women prostituting themselves for $2?

News Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – A Zimbabwean writer has started a campaign to assist his female compatriots, whom he says are offering sexual services for as little as less than US$2 in central Johannesburg.

Collen Makumbirofa, who says he has helped assist some stranded Zimbabweans affected by loss of income during the Covid-19 lockdowns in his country’s southern neighbour, said hundreds of women from his home country had joined those who sell their bodies in order to eke a living under South Africa’s shrinking employment market.

Below is his write-up in full, as published on

Its high time we come out of our comfort Zones and get out to help those who are distressed in the world.

We have hundreds of Zimbabwean women who are doing prostitution work in Johannesburg Central. Some are married and some single and divorced.

These women are selling their bodies for R30 (Usdollar $1.78). Before Corona Virus outbreak they used to sell themselves for R70 (Usdollar $4.15). Prostitution is evil and satanic. Sex from prostitution does not have any fulfillment.

Prostitution is a serious human rights abuse. Women are hurt and ravaged by it. Women in prostitution have been hurt in the past and some have been forced by the bad economic situation in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Friends or the crisis situation pushes them into this self destroying illicit trade.

Once a woman is in prostitution it becomes a bondage, very difficult to leave.

There are about 4 brothels in Johannesburg where they stay. Their are hundreds of Zimbabwean women in these brothels. The challenge they face is pressure and motivation from others even if this evil trade is waning.

To stay in these brothels they must pay R160 (Usdollar $9.49) per day. So this force them to continue with prostitution. Last time I met a young Zimbabwean woman she wanted to leave this prostitution but was asking for help if she could get work somewhere and leave.

There are evil forces which continue to force them in prostitution.

We must not despise these women. They are special and are also created in the image of God. We should love them and respect them at the same time encouraging them to leave this abuse.

So far we have feed more than hundred hungry Zimbabweans in Johannesburg. Now we want to reach out to Zimbabwean women in prostitution with food aid and a message encouraging them to leave prostitution.

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