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TPF youth wing backs calls for 50% youth representation in Parliament

Political Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – The youth wing of Zimbabwe’s opposition party – The Patriotic Front (TPF), has backed calls for more youth in the country’s parliament, arguing that young people can provide better solutions to restore and rebuild the erstwhile bread basket of Southern Africa.

Ruling ZANU-PF’s legislator on proportional representation, Tatenda Mavetera set the ball rolling recently, when she moved a motion for a 50% youth quota representation in the legislature.

“In order for an entity or a country to run smoothly, there is utmost need for fresh blood and young minds,” said Young Patriots Director, Prosper Ncube in a statement earlier this week.

Ncube said Zimbabwe was moving slower compared other parts of the world in terms of technological advancement largely because the country’s young people are not in control.

“The people who occupy parliamentary seats, who are entrusted with making critical decisions in relation to building and or restoring the once so marveled-on Zimbabwe are technologically challenged.

“The world is slowly becoming digitized, especially with the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and our country is supposed to be moving with the rest of other developing countries towards digitization, but we seem to be going backwards.”

The Young Patriots Director bemoaned the state of Zimbabwe’s economy, which has condemned a greater number of young graduates into hopeless unemployed, while others have had to settle for menial jobs in neighbouring countries like Botswana and South Africa.

“It is high time our government got restructured. Laws that favour a 50% or more representation of youth in parliament and in the workplace need to be enacted. As the voice of the voiceless youths we call upon youth recognition and we believe the youth have got the skills and brains to turn around the situation of our country,” added Ncube.

“As The Young Patriots we feel that the proposed amendment of 10% youth involvement in parliament is insignificant. We call and advocate for at least 50% youth involvement in parliament as well as in the workplaces because the youth constitute the majority of the Zimbabwean population. A lot of youths are fresh from university and unemployed all because all job vacancies require a minimum experience of 5 years or so. Where does one expect a fresh from varsity person to get such experience? Where would that person get those years of experience whilst no entity is willing to employ inexperienced individuals?

“We call upon government to address this issue and at least reduce the required years of experience to 3 years. Our country does not need any miracle in reviving its economy; it needs energetic, dedicated, learned and hardworking people who wouldn’t mind working round the clock in researching and drafting viable policies that will empower all Zimbabweans and at the same time attracting investors. The time is now that greed and corruption are dealt with accordingly and we work towards reviving the economy for all Zimbabweans to benefit.”

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