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Socialism will not fall from the sky: TPF Secretary General

Full speech by TPF Secretary-General, Andrew Nyathi at SACP International Solidarity Day

Comrades, I wish to stand before you on behalf of The Patriotic Front (TPF), a young political party in Zimbabwe, and talk about and around the International Solidarity.

Whose solidarity day is this or it is the usual ways where we are educated to celebrate what we do not know?

I will not talk about the narrow meaning of solidarity that is devoid of justice, but look at the broad way of solidarity.

International Solidarity as the pillar of life itself

The International solidarity that I want to talk about goes beyond the so-called troubled countries; let me start by saying; umuntu ngu muntu ngabantu. It is because you are that I am. It is until you find somebody that you find yourself. Let us look at you and your name as well as relations. Mother. You can’t be a mother until somebody is your child and vice versa, that applies to brother, friend or even enemy.

International Solidarity as an action pillar
Most or all of us wait for International Solidarity as if we were born to receive it. We have not comprehended that International Solidarity is a two-way street. You give and receive. Why are we having so many skills lying around in a country where de-skilling was the order of the day, yet these skills are lying around and not being utilised? International Solidarity should be collaborative in nature. Maybe the person we are waiting for is ourselves.

International Solidarity as a take responsibility pillar
Workers are educated to be inferior and so ca not run production units. Workers fight for Socialism and International Solidarity in theory only. They fight in the streets and halls. They possess no skills, no knowhow and no experience to run production units. Any mode of production is determined by the mastery of that particular production system.

International Solidarity as a pillar of learning
Development of a new culture of hunting newness in the jungles of capitalism in whatever we are doing. Believe me; we can only find newness in those who are not us. Ask a question and put to good use the answer. There is newness. Why have we accepted other peoples’ products as our culture? Look around us and see our so-called culture.

International Solidarity as a pillar of practice
Land – there is government and municipalities land where can grow tomatoes, yet we continue think that socialism is going to fall from the sky. Where are progressive programmes for the people? Finance – how correct are we about our march when the so-called progressive forces are waiting for the signal from the same system they seek to end? Where is the upskilling pursuit? We all know that we were deskilled by colonialism and apartheid. We must establish our own institutions urgently to deal with this. Where is the Peoples’ Bank when so much money passes through the working class daily and monthly through various schemes? Where are the peoples’ markets? Where are the peoples’ transport systems? Where are the African lives-protecting institutions?

The community radios need to broaden their mandate. The question here is the sustenance of the livelihoods of Africans.

Lastly, who fits the description of talking less when eating and talking more after eating hours?

Andrew Nyathi
Secretary-General – The Patriotic Front (TPF)

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