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ADF/Afrika Awake distribute food to Mpumalanga community

MPUMALANGA – The African Diaspora Forum has continued with its relief aid programme in distressed South African and migrant communities, its leaders travelling to as far as Mpumalanga province recently, where they distributed food parcels in KwaMhlanga.

The distribution, on Tuesday 11 November, saw the leaders, who included ADF Public Relations Office, Sheikh Amir, Treasurer Flavien Gagoum and Exco members Gabriel Hertis and Serge Lwamba, donate food parcels, dignity pads and meat to beneficiaries in dire need, following their recent appeal for assistance at the Africa Awake/ADF offices.

Among the beneficiaries was a group of 16 young orphans, who come together to form a folklore dance group and are living together in Moloto KwaMhlanga.

“Traditional leaders in the area welcomed our support and promised to work with us to better the lives of their constituency,” said Amir.

He said the KwaMhlanga community, which comprises largely South Africans, was another example of the ADF and its partner organisations not discriminating between locals and migrants when it came to feeding hungry people.

 “They also promised us some piece of land for agricultural purposes, where we can train some of their community members with a keen interest in farming. The young dancers live in abject poverty; they eat only once a day, but have big dreams of bettering their lives and that of their community.”

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