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South Sudan: EU provides US$10.4 Million in Humanitarian Funding

News Reporter JUBA – The European Union (EU) is providing US$10.4 million (€9.5 million) in humanitarian funding to the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) in South Sudan to provide food and nutrition support to tens of thousands of people…

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Mozambique: EU channels additional €10 Million in Humanitarian Assistance

News Reporter MAPUTO – The European Commission has announced an additional €10 million in humanitarian assistance for the many still dealing with the consequences of the two unprecedented tropical cyclones that hit Mozambique in 2019. Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and…

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Video of the military using violent methods divides public opinion and highlights gravity of the attacks in northern Mozambique

Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province has been hit by extremist attacks since 2017. A video being shared on social media (WARNING: graphic imagery) shows men dressed in the uniform of the Armed Defence Forces of Mozambique (FADM) torturing and humiliating a presumed civilian….

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Cameroonian soldiers kill four detainees at maximum security prison in Yaounde

YAOUNDE – As the dust settles at the Yaounde maximum security prison, it is becoming clear that the demonstrations at the facility and the fire set to it have left a trail of death and destruction. It is emerging that…

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Syria: Dire Conditions for ISIS Suspects’ Families

Countries Should Support Citizens’ Returns, Increase Aid. Al-Hol, Syria – The Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration for northeast Syria is holding more than 11,000 foreign women and children related to Islamic State (also known as ISIS) suspects in appalling and sometimes deadly conditions in a…

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Switzerland says it is mediating talks to end deepening Anglophone Cameroon crisis

YAOUNDE – Switzerland has officially said it is helping the government of Cameroon negotiate with rebels to end the separatist crisis that has killed more than 2,000 people in Cameroon. The Swiss ambassador to Cameroon, Pietro Lazzeri, spoke in Yaounde…

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Cameroon’s security forces kill civilians, rape woman in North-West region

Investigate Crimes, Hold Security Forces Accountable Nairobi) – Cameroonian security forces have killed at least four civilians and raped one woman since mid-June 2019 during security operations in the North-West region. Those killed include an elderly man with a physical disability and…

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7 Ambazonians killed in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region

Seven armed separatists were killed in fresh clashes with government forces early Thursday in Cameroon’s locality of Esu located in troubled English-speaking region of Northwest, according to military sources. “There were 11 of them generally but we only handled those…

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Two Ghanaian journalists arrested and interrogated, one allegedly tortured in custody

New York – Ghana’s Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice should immediately launch an independent investigation into the arrests of Modern Ghana editor Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri and reporter Emmanuel Yeboah Britwum and security forces’ alleged torture of Ajarfor, and hold those responsible to…

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In era of reform, Ethiopia still reverts to old tactics to censor press

By Muthoki Mumo/CPJ Sub-Saharan Africa Representative  On June 22, Ethiopia was plunged into aninternet blackout following what the government described as a failedattempted coup in the Amhara region. In the aftermath at least two journalists were detained under the country’s repressive anti-terror law,…

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