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Iran says it’s watching all US ships in Gulf, keeping record of their movements

Head of navy says drones tracking all ‘enemy’ vessels in the region, announces joint naval exercises with ‘allied countries’ in March 2020. The head of Iran’s navy said Tuesday that Tehran is observing all US ships in the Gulf region…

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UK prime minister to be announced – and it’s probably Boris Johnson 2

The new British leader will be charged with resolving the Brexit impasse and the high-stakes tanker crisis with Iran. Boris Johnson is set to win the race Tuesday to become Britain’s next prime minister, charged with resolving the Brexit impasse…

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Syria: Dire Conditions for ISIS Suspects’ Families

Countries Should Support Citizens’ Returns, Increase Aid. Al-Hol, Syria – The Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration for northeast Syria is holding more than 11,000 foreign women and children related to Islamic State (also known as ISIS) suspects in appalling and sometimes deadly conditions in a…

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Iraq: Water Crisis in Basra follow decades of mismanagement, pollution, corruption

BAGHDAD – Iraqi authorities have failed to ensure for almost 30 years that Basra residents have sufficient safe drinking water, resulting in on-going health concerns, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The situation culminated in an acute water…

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SAKAG activists implore South Africa to stop ongoing floor of blood in Kashmir

Staff Reporter JOHANNESBURG – Exiled activists from Kashmir recently appealed to the South African government to exert pressure on the Indian government to allow the people of Jammu and Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination. During a press conference…

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Trump returns to critics after historic North Korea stop

The US president walked a few paces across the demilitarised zone on Sunday to greet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. AFP US President Donald Trump has returned from a historic, impromptu stop on North Korean soil to attacks from…

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International financial system is culpable in Gupta looting

British politician Lord Peter Hain said monies looted by the Guptas from state-owned enterprises like Eskom, Transnet and SAA needs to be returned to the country. The international financial system is culpable and must now track down the money looted…

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Turkey: Drop bogus charges, free Kavala and Aksakoğlu

BERLIN – The trial of 16 people accused of organizing and financing peaceful protests which began in Istanbul’s Gezi Park in 2013 is scheduled to begin on June 24, 2019, Human Rights Watch said today, releasing a shortvideo about the case….

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Feminism is a scam tearing women down, it kept friend unmarried For 55 Years, says US activist

POPULAR American activist, Candace Owen has admitted that she discovered too late that feminism is a scam and is not about uplifting women but tearing women down and hence she has changed her stance. Candace Owen gave an audience of…

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Displaced Iraqis unable to return home years after battles

Staff Reporter ERBIL – An estimated 1.8 million people remain displaced by the conflict between Iraqi forces and the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, about two years after the heaviest fighting ended. A new Human Rights Watch web feature…

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