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Staff Reporter

HARARE – A Zimbabwean pressure group calling itself in Defence of the Morgan Tsvangirai’s Legacy (DTML) has accused MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa of trying to create a dictatorship that is worse than that of deposed former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Information secretary for the group, Webber Chinyadza, said while Zanu (PF) misrule and Cyclone idai had compounded problems for an already suffering people, a new dictatorship had emerged within the main opposition party.

“The cyclone idai has created unparalleled havoc and such destruction unknown in the history of our nation and has led to the devastation of the little infrastructure,” said Chinyadza.

“It has left a trail of destruction of houses, lives and the means for sustenance for all who dared to stand in its wake. Unfortunately, this has compounded the suffering of a people already groaning under excruciating pains imposed by poor governance fostered on them by one of the worst dictatorships known in the modern world. As if this was not enough this Zanu PF dictatorship is now being buoyed by an emergent yet ruthless dictatorship created in the main opposition party of this country.”

He accused Chamisa of dining with members of the Generation 40 (G40) and said the congress that is due in May had nothing to do with the MDC.

“The congress has nothing to do with the MDC it has to do with the G40, the people who have been beating us are now taking power within the MDC. We are now reclaiming our party, they may call themselves many names but the constitution they are using is not the one that we know in the party” he said

The Chamisa led MDC has been conducting provincial processes to select candidates for the party’s elective congress slated for May 26. DTML has been saying the current MDC leadership is bogus hence proper procedures be followed.


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