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Forgive us for our transgressions – Ramaphosa

Nomazulu Moyo

JOHANNESBURG – African National Congress leader Cyril Ramaphosa has pleaded with South African voters to forgive the ruling party for its transgressions of the past, promising accountability ahead of general elections this week.

Addressing thousands of ANC supporters at the party’s Siyanqoba Rally at the 60,000-seater Ellis Park Stadium Sunday, Ramaphosa said the ANC committed some of the mistakes in the process of trying to do something good for one of Africa’s most stable economies, but added the party was ready to take full responsibility and account for its wrongdoings.

“Where we have been found wanting, we accept the criticism that is being levelled at us,” said Ramaphosa, hopeful to win the people’s full mandate when the country goes to the polls Wednesday.

“Where we have made mistakes, we are humble enough to acknowledge the mistakes without any qualification. We admit that we have made mistakes, but it is only those who do nothing that do not make mistakes.

 “We admit that we have made mistakes and we put ourselves before our people and say yes we have made mistakes but it is only those who are doing nothing who don’t make mistakes … We are ready to work together, side by side with all South Africans, to build a country in which all may thrive.”

The ANC leader said during the party’s election campaigning across the country, citizens had commented on both government’s failings and its achievements.

“They have reminded us of the achievements of the past 25 years: the houses that have been built, the jobs that have been created, the education that has been provided and the many horizons that have been broadened.

“But they have told us where service delivery has failed them, where infrastructure has not been maintained, where people with authority have abused their positions and stolen public money,” Ramaphosa said.

“They know that much more could have been done and much more needs to be done.”

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