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I am God, Chamisa is Satan: ED

Steven Mahwai

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week likened MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and other political parties who have refused to engage in a dialogue that he called with Satan.

While equating his administration with that of God, who had to deal with a rebellious Satan in heaven, Mnangagwa told the  Bi-National Commission conference between Zimbabwe and South Africa Tuesday that progressive parties were dialoguing with him, while Chamisa was refusing.

He said the refusal by the MDC leader was not unique as even in heaven, the Lord could not keep his kingdom intact as there was Satan who rebelled.

 “We cannot compel everybody to come to the table, people have their democratic right to walk away from progress but those who have the need desire and who are patriotic to their country, they will always come together and contribute their constructive ideas to move forward.

“With regard to the issue of the dialogue, from the time of the inception of the current dispensation, we have talked about peace, love unity and dialogue that we have not left.

“We will continue to do so however in a democracy, it is not a crime to move away from progress for those who are not willing to come to the table with the rest of the parties and organisations in the country who are determined to work on a way forward for the betterment of our country and vision of our country to better the lives of our people.

 “This is what we are doing, we will not be swayed by negative forces, because even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order, he has Satan, so these things happen but he still remains there as the creator,” he said.

Mnangagwa said he created the Presidential Advisory Council to help develop the country’s economy, adding Zimbabwe would use other available options instead of crying over sanctions, which he claimed had hindered the country’s growth. .

“As result of this endeavour I have created the Presidential Advisory Council which puts together the top brains of our people in Zimbabwe as well as top brains outside Zimbabwe, in the continent and beyond who have agreed to come and participate in that area, we need to compete with stakes of those who have gone ahead of us. We need to lip frog in terms of our development to catch up with other developing countries but to do so we need their hand like what South Africa is doing, holding our hand, moving with us and many other countries. We have said yes we want these sanctions which are unjust and illegal be removed yesterday we will not bury our heads in sand and cry that because of sanctions, we should plead death,” said the Zimbabwean leader.

“We are determined to use our domestic resources as a country to grow our economy, to modernise our economy. We are happy that our sister member states in SADC are in full support in our endeavour to resuscitate our economy and grow it and modernise it in pursuit of industrialisation policy of SADC.

“The impact of these sanctions is such that Zimbabwe cannot access any lines of credit from the Brentwood or other international monetary institutions in which countries like the US have influence.

“And you realise that EU also  imposed sanctions on us  but we are saying we have our agriculture let us work on it, we are saying we have our mining sector, let us work on it, our tourism, manufacturing sector but to do so do not have both the skills and technology nor the capital to implement our vision.

“We therefore appeal through our engagement and re-engagement approach to those member states of the family of nations to engage with us so we may global capital to exploit opportunities in our economy,” he said.

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