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It shows you are doing well: Jeys speaks on his NAMA nomination

Duduzile Ndlukulwani

BULAWAYO – Multi-award winning Zimbabwean jazz icon Jeys Marabini this week expressed joy at being nominated for the National Arts Merit Awards, slated for March 23 at the Harare International Conference Centre.

The Bulawayo-based musician was nominated for the Outstanding Album category for his sizzling offering Ntunjambila, which has kept him on the crest of a wave since its release last year.

A NAMAs nominees list recently released by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe put Jeys up against Janet Manyowa for her “Grateful” album, ExQ and Alick Macheso for “Tseu Tseu” and “Dzinosvika Kure “, respectively.

“It is an honour for a musician to be recognized. It means a lot to me. Just being up there among other top musicians, for someone who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, shows you doing quite well, that Zimbabwe sees you and that the world recognises your efforts to entertain people, which is my duty,” said Jeys during a Monday interview with African Voice Global.

“I have recorded nine albums, but my latest seems to be loved the most. I worked with a producer called Oktopus and Ramadu did the mixing. The sound is very good and everyone who worked on the project was an extreme talent.”

The traditional and Afro Jazz Fusion artist’s latest offering has 10 tracks, including hits like S’thandwa, Liphuma Lendaba and Ngizobuya.

Physically, Ntunjambila is a cultural shrine in the form of a hard rock, found near the Rhodes Matopos National Park in Matabeleland South, about 40 kilometres southeast of the second-biggest city of Bulawayo.

Some people visit the shrine whenever they are faced with problems, as it is believed to have protected the people of Matabeleland from harm and difficult times. Legend has it that when one leaves that place, they carry with them some good luck.

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