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Own Correspondent

Msebele says corruption is not political but criminal and ZAPU will not allow it to continue.

JOHANNESBURG – The Deputy Secretary for International Relations for Zimbabwe’s opposition ZAPU party, Future Msebele, this week blasted MDC Alliance’s Deputy President Professor Welshman Ncube over his recent comments on the crisis afflicting Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe’s second largest city – wholly run by the MDC Alliance, was plunged into a serious governance crisis about two weeks ago, following revelations of widespread corruption by councilors. At some point, Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami stoked up a storm of tribal hate when he made unprocedural attempts to suspend Town Clerk, Mr Christopher Dube, in what many believe was meant to speed up and cover some corrupt activities.  

In response, residents, civil rights groups and other political parties – notably ZAPU and the secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), embarked on a protest against Kambarami’s actions, which at some point took a violent turn, as they sided with the Town Clerk. The move forced Mayor Solomon Mguni to overturn Dube’s suspension, pending investigations into allegations against him – allegedly ordered by the MDC Alliance’s top leadership.

Bulawayo stakeholders, led by local civic groups, recently came up with a list of names which they forwarded to the ministry of local government, asking for those to be appointed into a commission to run the city, but Ncube responded on microblogging site Twitter, saying the pressure groups and political parties calling for the appointment of a Commission to run the city‘s affairs were playing into the hands of Zanu PF.

However, Msebele said Thursday that Ncube had completely lost the plot in his comment, which sold assumption that Zimbabwe was a Zanu (PF)-MDC Alliance dichotomy that citizens should be torn between.

“Our role as the opposition is to hold those who are in administration – be it national or local government, accountable,” said Mr Msebele, a frontrunner for the Presidency of a rebranded ZAPU at the party’s congress next year.

“It is sad that those we once held esteem like Welshman Ncube come out of their cave and nudge us to condone corruption just because it is being made by their colleagues and in their party’s name. Ncube seems to believe that the residents of Bulawayo and other opposition parties should allow corruption to destroy their city for as long as it is not being done by Zanu (PF), but that cannot be. What we are fighting for as Zapu is a better life for all Zimbabweans and we will fight against whoever brings further suffering to our people, who have hardly enjoyed the fruits of independence during the past 39 years.”

Msebele the MDC Alliance’s sense of entitlement – especially when it comes to Zimbabwean opposition politics, was a recipe for disaster as it meant that those fighting against Zanu should babysit the MDC Alliance.  

“Such attitude of self-entitlement is not only counter-productive, but also dangerous to the struggle we are in. Welshman Ncube presents an ‘either or’ logical fallacy by inferring that the removal of corrupt councilors in Bulawayo would be tantamount to handing Bulawayo over to Zanu PF. Zimbabwe is bigger than just those two political parties and the fight against corruption is not even a political one. Far from being political, corruption is criminal, brings suffering to our people and whoever perpetrates it is the enemy of both the people of Zimbabwe and their struggle for better life,” said Msebele.

“We have seen some marginalised regions experiencing economic Gukurahundi and such should not be allowed to continue. It is disappointing that the MDC Alliance seems to be implementing ZANU programmes. We applaud the role played by ZAPU Bulawayo Province in the fight against corrupt Bulawayo councilors. Without fear, favour or prejudice, ZAPU will continue to guard and fight against such tendencies, regardless of who is pushing them and what they say afterwards.”


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