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The King is determined that vocational training could be a lever to curb unemployment in Morocco.

Rabat – King Mohammed VI has chaired a meeting in which officials presented a roadmap for the development of vocational training and the creation of “cities of professions and skills” in every region in Morocco.

The meeting, which convened Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani and other senior officials on Thursday at the Royal Palace in Rabat, completes the series of previous meetings held to upgrade vocational training, the statement from the royal office said.

Morocco’s Minister of Education Said Amzazi said during the presentation that a “city of professions and skills” will be created in every region of Morocco.

He added that “there are multi-sectoral and multi functional structures that will become a strategic lever for competitiveness and a major factor of the integration of the youth into working life.”

Amzazi noted that the new cities will focus on training in line with each region’s potential.

The official said that the project will give important focus to “tomorrow’s jobs including digital-offshoring.” The program will offer training on digital offshoring jobs in the 12 regions of Morocco. Artificial intelligence related training will be offered in the regions of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra and Casablanca-Settat, Amzazi said.

Amzazi added that the cities will include centers and technological halls to recreate a professional environment.

The new cities will also host programs to empower young people working in the informal sector.

King Mohammed VI has been calling on the government to ensure better education and to open up job opportunities for youth after graduation. The monarch also ordered the upgrading of vocational training programs, which he believes could increase employment.

“Vocational training is a powerful lever for employment, provided it receives the attention it deserves and as long as it is given a new status as well as a broader scope,” said King Mohammed VI in 2018.

Previously, the sovereign chaired several meetings to urge the government to find concrete solutions to unemployment through vocational training.

In March, the King chaired a working meeting to discuss the programs to upgrade vocational training to improve working opportunities for youths. Morocco World News


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