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RABAT – Over 400,000 new jobs have been created in Morocco’s industry over the 2014-2018 period, Industry Minister Abdelkader Amara said on Monday.

This represents 81% of the targets set as part of the government’s plan for 2020, the minister added. Amara stressed that 49% of new jobs went to women and over 21 were divided between new projects kick started thanks to the plan.

The car sector was key for the industry with 116,611 new jobs, or 28.8% of the total, followed by textile with 79,000 new jobs, offshoring (69,932), the food industry (63.198), metallurgic and mechanic industries (19,776). Construction and aviation came last, respectively with 11,302 and 8,603 jobs.

Exports also grew, according to the ministry’s data, from 161 billion dirham (some 15 billion euros) in 2013 to 240 (23 billion euros) in 2018, nearly a 50% increase in five years. Ansamed


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