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New chief for Mthwakazians in the diaspora

New Mthwakazi leader in the Diaspora, Chief Thulani Mgoqo Jubane

Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – Diasporans from Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland region have identified a new leader to take over as their chief and fill the void left by Albert Zwelibanzi Gumede, who died earlier this year.

Zimbabwean businessman, Matabeleland culturalist and philanthropist, Gumede, who assumed the inaugural position of Matabeleland diaspora chief few years ago, died on March 5, leaving his flock leaderless, but that will not be for long.

The Mthwakazi nation has now identified another businessman and ardent believer in culture, Thulani Mgoqo Jubane, as the man suitable enough to play the active role of reviving Ndebele culture and uniting Mthwakazi people, especially those in South Africa.

Chief Jubane, originally from Ntshamathe area, under Chief Sigola in the Umzingwane district of Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland South Province, has already been unanimously endorsed by Mthwakazi culturalists, business leaders and other stakeholders in South Africa, where his chiefdom is rooted.

The new chief will soon be officially anointed as per Ndebele culture, but has already been accepted by cultural opinion leaders and much of the Ndebele society, who have bestowed on him the duty to start working for the community, which remains torn apart and in need of uniting.

He has already hit the ground running.

“The main aim is to provide guidance to our people – under the overall leadership of our King Bulelani Khumalo, as we seek to rediscover ourselves as the people of Mthwakazi,” said the new Chief.

“We are a nation that is intent on getting back its real value that had nearly been eroded by a number of challenges we have come across as a people and the first point of getting to do that is for us to know who we are and how we can progress going forward. A lot will be done to help our people redefine themselves culturally, societally and progressively going forward. We are a great nation that needs to claim back its place in the modern world.”

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