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Prophet Ngwenya heals black magic with ease

News Reporter

JOHANNESBURG –Njabulo Ngwenya, popularly known as Bhadlaza is a Johannesburg-based 12 Apostles Pastor and Prophet.

The Berea-based Ngwenya, who has been a prophet for more than a decade, is popular in the areas of Hillbrow, Yeoville, Johannesburg inner-city and Berea, where he is based, for helping people overcome black magic-induced bad luck.

He has assisted many people. Among the great work he has done for those who approach him, he has healed the barren and helped them conceive, steadied marriages, helped many of the unemployed get good jobs and healed witchcraft-induced cancer.

Ngwenya, who believes God did not create human beings so that He could allow them to suffer, says most of the people living a life of suffering are actually in that space because of spells cast on them by the jealous among society.

“No one was born to suffer. God did not create His people so that they can suffer. Most of the suffering we go through and the pain we endure are products of either our personal choices – our decision to drift away from God, or simply the works of the jealous who don’t want to see us achieve something in life,” said the prophet, who heals people using mainly the traditional 12 Apostles way of prayer and water. Sometimes he prescribes concoctions for people to buy and use to cast away spells.

“However, with good prayers, nothing cast on man by man can stick forever. That is where we come in as prophets. Personally, I first pray for someone and then offer prophecy by spiritually interrogating their problem and whether it is spiritual or not. Once that is done, we then pray for a revelation of the best possible solution and prescribe it to the person.”

Prophet Ngwenya says there is nothing that afflict anyone from an ungodly source, which he is not able to heal through his prayer and prophecy.

“Some of the suffering can also be caused by demons that invade a person’s spiritual space and take over the running and direction of their life. Once that happens, several issues come to the fore, like bad luck, being hated for nothing, stagnation in life, loss of jobs, marital problems, freak accidents to dire ones, sickness and even premature death,” adds Prophet Ngwenya.

“The demons can easily be cast away through prayer, during which they usually manifest and say where they come from, what they do in the person’s life and what their intentions are. After that, we drive the demon out. There are however, some stubborn demons which need someone to be baptized in a pool of water and prayed for while they are in the water. Once the demon is driven out, the person’s life quickly gets back to normal and all they have lost begins to return because life would have been put back on the rails. However, the demon can come back more powerful and angrier if the person abandons prayer.”

Several people who were prayed for by the prophet had a lot of good to say about him and his prayers, which they said had worked wonders in their lives.

“He prayed for me for two weeks and things began to go well for me in my marriage. My husband and I had been fighting for more than three years, to a point where I wanted to quit. However, a friend took me to Prophet Ngwenya, who told me it was all because of an evil spell cast on me by some jealous person who had an affair with my husband and wanted to break our marriage,” said one Mrs Sheila Ndlovu of Berea.

“Ngwenya prayed for us for two week and after that, my husband came back home, having abandoned us for three months. He apologized and has since become the good man I married five years ago.”

Ngwenya, who lives in Johannesburg, can be contacted via mobile phone and WhatsApp on +27 74 405 2575 anytime of the day any day.

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