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Christopher Ncube

JOHANNESBURG – Radio Bukalanga, an internet-based Zimbabwean radio station, will early next month hold a fundraising event in Johannesburg.

The event, slated for August 3 at the Zoo Lake, is aimed at raising funds to be channeled towards helping less privileged children from Plumtree, in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland South Province.

Radio Bukalanga broadcasts in Kalanga to correct the abnormality of the decay and demise of the Kalanga language and culture. The station was established by a group of concerned Zimbabwean people of Kalanga origin, who are based in South Africa and England, but principally led by a triumvirate of community leaders, cultural activists and artists. Among the pioneers of the station are Liverson Mdongo, Difa Dube, Gerald Mantseye Ncube and Mawi Moyo.

The radio’s Information and publicity officer, Enless Nompilo Moyo, spread invites to people from all walks of life to attend the fundraising.

“This radio was created to create cohesion and arrest the negative impact of the cultural and language decay that is affecting the BuKalanga community – both in the diaspora and back home in Zimbabwe, especially in Plumtree,” said Miss Moyo, adding that it would be their second fundraising event.

The radio station’s reach is worldwide, but its main studios are in Johannesburg. Like many other non-profit organisations, BuKalanga radio station faces challenges that debilitates it from achieving some of its goals, as Miss Moyo said they wanted to metamorphose into a national community radio station.

“We wish to work with the Government so that we can fulfill our dream. We work with other organisations which have the same objectives as ours to exchange information, ideas and strategies,” she said.

“One of our main objectives is giving back to the community to show our love for the people who made us what are today back home. In as much as we are not sponsored and we have a weak financially muscle, we joined others to help Cyclone Idai victims where we donated some blankets.”

The ultimate aim is to make Radio BuKalanga to the status of either a Frequency Modulation (FM) or Short Wave (SW), so that it enjoys big coverage to promote development through disseminating information to the BuKalanga community and taking them back to their old roots.

“People should listen to the station and enjoy what we offer. There is a programme called Bhuquza and Jokotjoko that has stolen the hearts of many BuKalanga listeners,” said Miss Moyo who encouraged non-speaking Kalanga people to listen to the station, learn the language and enjoy what the radio station offers.

The entrance fee for the event is pegged at R100. Those who will attend will be treated to free food and drinks. The event will kick off at 12 noon till 4pm where Radio BuKalanga comedy drama is expected to entertain the crowd.

For more information, people can contact  Enless Nompilo Moyo on 066 267 4214 or 079 718 8952


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