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SA-based Zimbabwean singer, Blecy Diamond, drops drama play

Christopher Ncube

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg-based Zimbabwean songstress Blecy Diamond is set to release her first drama – a Ndebele offering titled “Isono Somzali”.

Working with BMK Productions founder Kriss Mvalela, Diamond will release the drama under her company, BD Media and Films.

“I run short of words to describe this lady,” said Mvalela about the Diamond, under whose wings the nascent BD Media company operates. “When I first met her I never thought that she was so much talented. If she keeps herself level-headed, she will go places in the arts industry. We are working hard to drop off her drama play anytime soon.”

Mvalela said he was shocked by the strides taken by Diamond since the duo first met.

“There is nothing much I can say about God’s mercy because I believe he had a reason for me to meet Diamond. While most people come to BMK productions to be helped and leave soon after, this lady has come to improve both herself and our company. When I helped her, little did I know that she would do this much,” said Mvelela who rated Diamond as the best female person he has ever worked with so far.

Mvalela said he was happy to work with unheralded actors who have the zeal to learn more, as he continues to turn those in his stable into professional actors, as they had all that it took to conquer the arts industry.

“In as much as I respect renowned actors, I am not happy to see talented people out there not being given the chance to showcase their talents and prove themselves. These people should be groomed and raised to a position where they can make a living out of their talents,” added the arts guru.

“Isono somzali is an excellent drama play and we are working hard in trying to sell it to TV channels. This is one piece of work that will leave people asking for more.”

Mvalela extended his gratitude to other production companies which offered a helping hand every time he was working on a project.

“I would like to thank JP productions for the big role they played in all logistics. I, as well, pray that the relationship between BD media and Films, BMK productions and JP remains strong.”

Born Moreblessings Duube, Blecy Diamond said that she was happy to work with Mvalela, whom she regarded as a leader and great helper, albeit also a no-nonsense man who does not tolerate people who do not take their work seriously.

“Mvalela helps whoever enters BMK productions, but he does not like people who are not serious with their work. He does his best to put people on another level with the little resources that he has,” said Diamond.

“Despite the fact that I went to him for music, he gave me the greenlight to do other projects under his stable. Very few people can allow those under them to open their own companies, for fear of competition, but I did open mine under BMK productions with Mvalela’s full blessings.”

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