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South Africa’s electoral body says no evidence of double voting as election results still stream in

PRETORIA – Despite a raft of complaints, the Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said on Friday morning that it could find “no evidence” that anyone has voted twice in this year’s elections.

The IEC’s commissioner was discussing the results of their investigation in the midst of an audit, which was requested by, among others, the DA.

This comes despite numerous accounts from individuals claiming to have done exactly that and 20 people being arrested in KwaZulu-Natal for attempting to do it, but didn’t succeed.

The main culprits blamed for it was the easy removability of the IEC’s ink and ticket scanning machines not being centrally linked.

The EFF’s Dali Mpofu appeared to admit he knew of voters who had voted more than once, while a Cope MP was able to get five voter tickets at different stations.


With over three-quarters of the votes in the 2019 elections counted and released by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) at 8am on Friday it was clear that the ANC had suffered a significant drop in support compared with five years ago, while the Democratic Alliance has also lost some vote share.

The ANC got above 62% in 2014 and was now just above 57%, while the DA dropped below the more than 22% peak they enjoyed in the previous general elections.

Of the big three, only the EFF has shown significant growth in this election, placing them above a 10% share now that the bigger voting districts’ results are coming in.

The IFP have had a late surge in the results, passing the Freedom Front Plus to take up the fourth position nationally. It was also neck and neck between them and the DA to see who would be the opposition in KwaZulu-Natal.

The DA has retained power in the Western Cape, albeit with a smaller majority.

The EFF has comfortably remained the opposition in North West and Limpopo, while also being on course to take that title from the DA in Mpumalanga.

The voting share of the ANC in Gauteng looks slightly down, but it was not the two-horse race some analysts predicted, with the DA in a very distant second.

It was announced at a press briefing yesterday that the commission had undertaken to release 90% of the results by 10pm on Thursday, but this proved to be overly ambitious.

A number of people have been arrested for voting twice, or attempting to, with 20 people already taken into custody in KwaZulu-Natal alone and facing possible charges of fraud. The SA Police Service has said some of the suspects had merely “attempted” to vote twice.

A grouping of smaller parties have called this election a sham and want South Africans to vote again.


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