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Sudan’s al-Bashir appoints 7 new ministers

KHARTOUM – The Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir on Monday issued presidential decrees in consultation with the Prime Minister Mohamed Taher Aila appointing 7 ministers.

According to the decrees, Rawda al-Haj has been named Minister of Culture, Siddig Amir has been appointed as Minister at the Federal Government Chamber and Abu Huraira Hassan has been named as Minister of Youth and Sports.

Also, Muawia Osman Khalid has been appointed as State Foreign Minister, al-Sadig Mohamed Ali has been named State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Ali Omer al-Shareef Al-Hindi has been appointed as State Justice Minister and Ahmed Ali Musa has been named State Minister at the Industry and Commerce Ministry.

On 22 February, President al-Bashir dissolved the government and declared the imposition of the state of emergency in a bid to end the anti-government protest movement. Also, he vowed to form a small government with qualified ministers to deal with economic difficulties the country is facing.

However, the newly appointed Prime Minister Mohamed Taher Aila formed a “Task Government” including 21 ministers seconded by 18 state ministers.

The new government included many former ministers some of them kept the same ministerial positions as the Minister of the Presidency Fadul Abdalla Fadul and Foreign Minister El-Dirdeiry Mohamed Ahmed

Also, others changed their portfolio as Bushara Gumaa Aru who is appointed Interior Minister after being the Information Minister during the former government.

The failure of Sudan’s economic policies has caused a shortage of fuel, cash and bread, which in turn has led to a wave of unrest that has erupted across the country in the past four months. Sudan Tribune

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