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U.S. condemns use of live ammunition against protesters in Sudan

KHARTOUM – U.S. embassy in Khartoum Monday condemned the use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters in during the nationwide demonstrations in support of civilian-led rule in Sudan.

The Sudanese health authorities said seven people have been killed during the huge protests of 30 June. Also, military vehicles threw bodies of three people killed by gunshot on Monday morning.

Activists published videos footages showing security forces using Dochka t heavy machine gun to disperse protesters in Gadaref State on 30 June.

“Sudanese security forces’ use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters was reprehensible, and military authorities should be held accountable for the resulting deaths,” said the embassy.

For his part, Tibor Nagy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs posted a similar statement saying live ammunition was not the right response.

“A peaceful transition to a civilian-led government, accepted by the Sudanese people, is the answer – not live ammunition at peaceful protestors and more deaths,” Nagy said.

The international community including the Troika countries, US, UK and Norway, had called on the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) to avoid the use of excessive forces against the peaceful protests.

The US embassy pointed out that the protest throughout Sudan on June 30 underscore the demand of the people of Sudan for a civilian-led transitional government.

“We call for an agreement immediately on the formation of a civilian-led transitional government that is broadly accepted by the Sudanese people”. Sudan Tribune

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