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News Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – A video showing angry members of the South African Police Service assaulting and insulting a group of men suspected to have fatally shot a senior SAPS officer has gone viral on social media.

Detective Captain Oupa Matjie in Diepsloot was shot dead in Diepsloot last week, a dingy suburb North of Johannesburg, while pursuing some suspects.

His alleged shooter is a 24-year-old Zimbabwean man, Praymore Dube, who has since been apprehended alongside other suspects.

A video recently circulated on social media networks shows angry members of the SAPS assaulting the suspects, asking them why they shot dead the police officer, to which one of the suspects claims he did not know the now dead man was a police officer and that the intention was not to kill.

The officers are then head hurling obscenities at the suspects, shouting among themselves that they should “declare war on these Zimbabweans” and threatening to make sure that the suspect dies.

Watch the viedo below:


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