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Clayton Masekesa

MUTARE – Linda Masarira, leader of newly-formed Zimbabwe political party Labour, Economists, African Democrats -LEAD, said this week that her party would create a social democratic society directed by a workers’ government.

In her Workers’ Day statement Wednesday Masarira said LEAD would apply sound efforts towards reclaiming the labour revolution earmarked to liberate innocent Zimbabwean workers that have grappled in poor working conditions among other things for decades.

“As long as workers are not in government nothing will change. We will not stop until we have taken over the government,” said the LEAD president, who added a healthy and democratic society must have means of industrial production in the hands of the workers.

Masarira described the current case of the Zimbabwean worker as a sad reality.

“We have seen more than 80 percent of the working class in Zimbabwe living below a minimum wage,” she said, adding the highly competitive Zimbabwean labour had left the country for greener pastures.

“Unfortunately, Zimbabwean workers have been forced to seek economic refuge in foreign lands where they not only sell their labour cheaply but work under conditions which can be referred to as modern slavery,” she said.

Masarira said it was sad that “the gallant sons and daughters” who should have been working in Zimbabwe have been exposed to  xenophobia attacks from other countries especially South Africa and Botswana.

She said LEAD wwould stand for all Zimbabweans and work with them in realising the spirit of political emancipation.

“We have developed cultural values and technologies which will contribute immensely to the fair treatment of workers,” she explained.

Masarira said LEAD would redirect efforts for Zimbabwe to achieve full economic potential.

A maverick motormouth activist, Masarira is an aggressive Zimbabwean politician who formerly served as spokesperson of one of the biggest opposition parties in Zimbabwe, MDC-T led by former Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe.

She is also a human rights defender and independent thinker who is known for her active role in advocating for democracy, equality, gender balance, women and girl-child rights, inclusion and economic and political freedom for marginalized groups of society.

After a series of demonstrations, petitions and protests for human rights violations by the Government of Zimbabwe during the former President Robert Mugabe regime which she organised, she was incarcerated for more than 80 days in Chikurubhi Maximum Prison for challenging the government to respect humanity.

During her days of incarceration, Masarira mobilised fellow women prisoners and led an inmate protest against poor conditions that women were facing including lack of sanitary pads and proper access to medical services. Because of her activism, Masarira was brutalised and moved to a male prison, where she was placed on solitary confinement until she was finally granted bail by a High court order in September 2016


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