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Zimbabwe: Why Emmerson Mnangagwa will fall in the same pit as Robert Mugabe

Clayton Masekesa

MUTARE – Outspoken Zimbabwean musician-cum politician, Hosiah Chipanga, has warned President Emerson Mnangagwa he faces the same predicament that befell his predecessor Robert Mugabe – a military ouster, if he did not seek urgent spiritual anointing and guidance.

Mugabe resigned – though largely viewed as a coup, in November 2017, bringing an end to his 37-year iron-fisted rule that dumped Zimbabwe into a multi-facetted crisis, sparking jubilant celebrations by Zimbabweans worldwide.

In a letter read out by Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda on the historic day, the nonagenarian said the decision was voluntary and made to allow a smooth transfer of power. The news abruptly halted an impeachment hearing that had begun against him in the Parliament.

Former vice-president Mnangagwa succeeded Mugabe, who had been in power since independence from Britain in 1980.

Having been blocked in his fervent attempts to meet Mugabe on many occasions, Chipanga has turned his attention to Mnangagwa, saying he should allow dialogue with many stakeholders if he was to succeed in his ongoing attempts to rescue the failing nation.

In an interview with African Voice Global Saturday, Chipanga said Mnangagwa must open doors for discussions with various stakeholders, including spiritual leaders like him (Chipanga) to share thoughts and solutions to Zimbabwe’s worsening economic and political situation.

“Mugabe never listened to my advice, but look at what happened to him. Maybe people might think I am mad but, he failed to follow the will of God,” said the singer, who also leads a shadowy political party he calls Messiahs Apostolic Prophetic Inspired Peoples Institute (MAPIPI).

“I am also warning President Mnangagwa to follow the will of God or he might find himself in the same predicament that saw Mugabe losing power,” explained Chipanga.

“Zimbabwe is a great country but we are losing it on one thing, which I think will solve the mess we are in. I want to tell him directly on how he can fix the country. Now I am appealing to President Mnangagwa because l feel he has a heart and l hope he will be open to meet me.

“I am looking forward to meet him. Regardless of almost 40 years in my spiritual mission to try and save Zimbabwe from the situation in which the country is now fully drawn in, no one has taken me seriously. I hope this time Mnangagwa will listen to me and probably act on some of my contributions. I want to declare to Mnangagwa that God did not let the children of Zimbabwe get their independence without a full set of spanners to fix any problems they would come across. I have that tool box. I have spiritual advice from our Creator.”

Chipanga said Zimbabwe also needed spiritual guidance.

“As long as Zimbabwe change leaders without adopting God’s system of governance, there shall be always more tears than joy for Zimbabweans,” he said.

“This country needs God. Zimbabwe is lacking a spiritual touch and this is why l want to meet Mnangagwa so that l give him that spiritual solution.”

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