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I am here to entertain, not start wars

Entertainment Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwe’s new addition to Mthwakazi maskandi, Mashiyendiya Gwajo, has released a scorcher of a single that is sure to instantly endear him with fans of the growing genre.

Released on June 21, the single track, “Ngiyangqongqoza” boasts a powerful sound and strong introductory message that seeks to introduce the musical greenhorn to a genre that already has hundreds of other groups and individual performers.

What is likely to set Gwajo apart from the rest is that, not only does his song enjoy a powerful sound, but his message is also delivered in a powerful voice that oozes musical class befitting a newcomer who wants to make an instant impact in the industry.

“I did this song, aptly titled ‘Ngiyangqongqoza’ with the aim of making it be the one to officially open the doors for me in the entertainment industry,” said the 27-year-old singer, originally from Tsholotsho, in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland North Province.

“I did the song to introduce myself in the industry, as it aptly states that I am knocking. I decided to begin with a single track in order to give people an idea of what they should expect from me as I prepare for the full album, which I will release in September. I have taken a decision to enter the music scene professionally. I think this has been the perfect introduction I needed because the songs is attracting wide interest from several quarters. People really love it so much that it’s even shocking.”

Born Edson Mthabisi Mvundla in Nhlangano, Tsholotsho, Gwajo now lives in the Mathe area of the same district. He attended Magama primary and secondary schools for his education and developed an interest in music during his school days.

“I decided to sing maskandi because it is a genre that I love and one that resonates with our culture as the Ndebele people,” said Gwajo.

“I have always wanted to record music and I took some time training myself on how I could professionally do that. I would lead and back my own songs as I practiced alone over the phone, till a few months ago when I decided to record this single track to test the market.”

He also has messages for both fans and fellow musicians.

“My message to music fans is: please continue to support us because we are nothing without you. Our success hinges on your support, so please help us put our nation on the map with our music so that you can also take pride in what we do. I also promise to release a clean album that will make waves in the industry, which I hope you will all enjoy as you already know that the hit boy, king of backings does it with a clean voice that owes no loan shark a dime,” added the singer.

“To my fellow musicians, let’s us continue to work hard so that we can make it in this industry, by producing music that carries a strong message, that will build, comfort and entertain our society and not one that is laden with insults. I personally have not come into the music industry for war, but I am here to showcase my talent in a proper musical way, not by starting wars with people I have never had problems with. I believe people would enjoy our music better if we delivered good music to them, not insults, which may degrade our colleagues’ dignity. We need to unite like those who sing in other genres.”

Those who want to get in touch with Mashiyendiya Gwajo can contact him via contacts below:

PHONE NUMBER: 0622923357.


FACEBOOK: Mthae Mashiyendiya Gwajo.

INSTAGRAM: mthae_mashiyendiya_gwajo


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