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Zimbabwean NGO VESO celebrates 7th anniversary

Christopher Ncube

JOHANNESBURG – A Zimbabwean non-governmental organisation Venda and Sotho (VESO), will this weekend celebrate its 7th anniversary in Johannesburg.

The event, slated for Saturday July 6 in Berea, will also see VESO leaders give a brief on a plethora of projects the organisation has initiated and maintained in trying to improve the lives of young people within in its constituency, including paying school fees for less-privileged children.

The organisation, led by current Chairman Jonathan Mbedzi, has made various donations to 20 schools, although Secretary Sinqobile Galaja Ndlovu said they had encountered a number of challenges along the way. People will be allowed to ask questions for them to know better about the organisation.

“This event will be used as a platform to talk to people and get strategies and views on how best we can take the organisation to another level. We want people know the difficulties that hinder us from achieving or goals,” said Galaja-Ndlovu.

“Our major concern is how the donated items are used. We do not want people to convert donated items to their personal use, depriving others who should benefit.”

Galaja-Ndlovu added that they would be sending a team to find out whether things are done properly.

Galaja-Ndlovu’s anger follows a wifi device that was donated in Zezani and no feedback was given after its donation, raising fears that someone might be using it as a personal item. “Communication barriers such as poor network reception makes us fail to communicate with people to find out how the donated items are used. Our failure to communicate with those on the other side of Limpopo River makes it easier for things to fall apart.”

In 2017, VESO adopted a girl child at Ntepe High School in Gwanda South and promised to pay school fees for her. They paid for the whole of 2018 and arranged with the school headmaster to send them her reports every term so that they would check her progress, but apparently, no report was sent to the organisation.

“Like I said, we are let down by some who do not understand why we are doing this. When we paid schools fees to the school account it bounced back and we were given another account where after depositing the money we were told that it could not be withdrawn.”

“We again withdrew the money though it was almost half of what we had deposited. Anyhow we had to donate again to top-up the money. It was therefore given to one of our members to deliver it in hand to the head master.”

Galaja-Ndlovu called on the people of Gwanda South and the whole of Beit-Bridge to join the organisation to ease the load.

“We do not only assist those based in Zimbabwe, but anyone who from VESO areas. My plea to the business people is for them to assist us in any kind. We need sponsors who could chip in and help us with cash and anything that we can donate to help our school going kids and the communities.We need things such as school shoes, sanitary pads, pens, exercise books, text books and other essentials.”

The celebration, whose entry fee is R100, will see people enjoy traditional foods for free.

Those who wish to be part of the event, or those who wish to join VESO can contact them through:

Sinqobile Galaja: +27 78 369 6491
Jonathan Mbedzi: +27 71 416 2374

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